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    Hello Every ONE!,

    Ok heres my Q. I have read some specs on some 69-72 Jimmy/Blazers most of them say 4 inch lift front and 6inch lift rear. Whats up with that? I heard that Stock they sit 2inches lower in the rear is this true. I plan on doing a shackle flip in the rear I just want to replace the springs with no added lift witch should leave it at a 4inch lift in the rear. Should I put 4inch springs in the front and two in the rear with the flip to get a four inch all the way around?

    Thanks for your time!
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    Blazers are kind of heavy in the rear, and have the ability to carry a surprising amount of junk, and this combined with soft springs to give you a SUV ride, means that they usually sit low in the rear. Most K5 guys run an extra inch, sometimes two to get the rear level with the front. Some of this comes from personal preference also. Some people can't stand the rear being low at all, some don't mind.
    Usually to do what you're after, you'd go with your 4" front, flip rear, and then if you need more in the rear, you can run a short block or get a new spring.

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