Lift Question What is an over leaf spring lift?

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    Whats the difference a guy was talking to me about it and I have no idea what he was talking about. He said that over leaf spring lifts don't sag or damage but they are hard to put in and can cause problems and other lifts sag 1/4'' a year. is he right?
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    Perhaps he meant a "spring-over" lift. It's done on Jeeps quite often, but it won't work on a K5 because the springs on a K5 come from the factory with the "spring-over" the axles.

    Look under a stock CJ and you'll see that the springs are mounted under the axles. Moving the springs to the tops of the axles will lift a CJ about 5.5 inches (The thickness of the spring pack plus the thickness of the axle tube) without negatively affecting the ride (since you still are using the stock springs).

    It's a lot of work and requires lots of custom bracketry, welding, fabrication,longer brake lines, custom driveshafts, etc. to do it properly.

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