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    Ok. I've finally got a vehicle that's got 4 wheel drive. I'm finally getting to the point where I can lift it and do all the stuff i've been dreaming about. I've got a 1965 Chevy on a 1978 frame. I believe i've got a 203 transfer case. My question is: if i decided to run a 6" lift will i have to do a T-case drop or is it only going to be the driveshaft angles and the steering arm? This is the first time i'm ever giong to be lifting MY baby so any help will be appreciated. Thanks guys!


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    Every vehicle is different , You MAY have to drop the t-case , but you WILL have to get the raised Arm , and new brake lines, and possibley lenghten the front and rear driveshafts.

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    The hot ticket would be the following all available from ord.
    4 inch EZ rides.
    New bushings for the frame side or go with the extended greasable shackles.
    Rear the ORD shackle flip. Cut off the spring purches and rotate the pinion down about 4.5 deg. Find some rear springs off a 85 or 85 if you want it to really flex. Take the overlead off the original pack and turn it upside down for an additional 3/4 of an inch to help level it out.
    You MUST run a raised steering arm.
    I highly recomend the ORD steering brace. it cured most of my bump steer.
    I also recomend the ORD sway correction/ disconnects. The combination of these 2 items cured 95% of the bump steer I had in my truck.
    A Ser of HD rear shocks. If you go to the newer springs you might want to get the Rancho 9000's for the rear. I'm going to run 2 9000 in the over the axle configuration and 2 gabrials in the stock location. The shackle flip and newer springs really make it soft in the rear and one set of shocks just doesn't have the dampening power needed.
    Set of raised shock towers in the front and you will be ramping 800's on 25 deg easy.
    This is pretty well the set up I run and with the pinion hight correction I run vibration free without dropping the T-Case.

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    DUDE, it's simple. Do exactly what you were saying you were going to do. Geez, I swear, sometimes I feel I should toss you a couple more beers. Let's just get all new springs and you can have my 2.5 degree shims that I had in the rear. Lengthen the driveshafts and put a steering arm on it. I thought we already had this discussion? You were going with just a 4" remember? UGGGGH!! Make up your mind dude! haha Well, whatever you decide, I'll be there helping you put it on your truck. Peace out fool!

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