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    Any one using limit straps on there rig? Is there a need for them with leaf springs, or are they just extra doo-dads?

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    Here's what I have found on stock height. The shocks that are specified for the rear are about 3 inches too short. The compressed length is the reason because if you slap on a longer shock, then the compressed length of the shock will be greater than that of mount to mount distance. Chevys of this era have a rep for breaking shock mounts. Why? Because 1. the engineers who came up with this design was smoking something they shouldn't of been 2. they are just plain stupid. Limit straps would help prevent this. Another prevention would be relocating the shock mounts and using a shock that will give you the most usable travel. There is a great tech article on this on the site, do a search for "rancho review". I'm currently working on something similiar to this, but my mounts are going to be side to side instead of front to back like in the article due to pivoting issues.

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