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Linux guru in the house?


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May 8, 2001
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Los Estados Unitos
Anybody real familiar with Linux that would help a guy out in trade for some bagels mailed out? I'm nearing my wits end trying to integrate a RH9 box as a member server in my corp-controlled Win2k native active directory.
I did this at home flawlessly (of course, I have control of AD there), everything worked like a charm between the test 'nix box and my existing AD. Logged on AD members trying to hit shared samba resources on the linux box authenticate seemlessly, and non-domain members are prompted for credentials, then get in when a domain account is specified. It's authenticating fine against AD.

However, at work, things are not so well. I'm fairly new to linux and samba, so my boss, who has past linux experience, started configuring a lot of stuff but kinda left it at the kinit error. Of course, he's now on a 2 week vacation and rarely tells me what he did, so I'm looking at this thing with a big "DUHhhhh" on my face. I want to get this thing going asap to lighten the load on one of my winders servers.

The current hang up seems to be Kerberos. I get a kinit "error 68 while getting initial credentials". I have the KDC specified by IP and connectivity is no prob. The realm seems to be right, if I change it I get errors about finding the KDC for whatever realm I changed it to.

I'll be honest here, I dunno what the **** I'm doing. Can somebody help a brother out? I'm getting near the point of wiping the server and starting over with a fresh install, but I know the problem *MUST* be a dumb configuration error somewhere, and I hate going through the re-install and re-configure bs just to root-out and fix that a couple bad settings. But I don't know 'nix well-enough to know how to get out of this mess...

Please pm me if you can help! I can't pay for help, but I can ship a bunch of promotional stuff from my company, and I will owe you big time /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif.
I know how much it sucks to do IT work for free (family, friends with businesses, etc), so I know I'm asking a lot, and wouldn't ask if I weren't ready to kick something!


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Apr 15, 2002
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Pocatello, ID
Have you checked the Bind level on the non windows boxes? I think they need to be like 7.1 or something for AD.
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