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List of Anti OHV companies and organizations?


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Feb 24, 2007
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Huntington Beach, Ca
I met some of those Joshua Tree folks a couple weeks ago...we were out doing the Bradshaw trail and on the way back decided to take a quick detour up Old Dale Rd., which goes through the park. Stopped for lunch just off the paved road and a couple of older guys drove up in some sort of golf-cart contraption. They proceeded to tell us that if we didn't stay on the marked road, we could be cited, and that we couldn't camp along the road, and that the dogs had to be inside the vehicles at all times...etc. The were some sort of volunteers or something, trying to look official. At 53, I'm the youngest of the group, most of whom are military or retired cops or firemen. We all started to chuckle at these two, and a couple of smartass comments got dropped, which infuriated them, and they started in with the same rant you described, about how we were ruining the desert for everyone and should go to Glamis where there was nothing to kill. So yeah, I would agree with you that Joshua Tree isn't very friendly towards us, although there's some great 4wd shops in 29 palms and surrounds. I've also butted heads with the Death Valley Conservancy, but I was in the wrong on that one, so I can't really say too much, other than they weren't too understanding.
dang. why are the retards always angry! i didn't do it to them! neither did my truck! go be angry retarded somewhere else and stop bringing me down Mr. golf cart!

I need to look up the Bradshaw trail. I've been in the park many times and have driven through the dale area/ mission mine and a few others.. but never the Bradshaw trail.
I'm making a list for the spring.
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