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list of Texas OHV parks


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Oct 28, 2019
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Conroe, Texas
With Texas being almost the biggest state in the US you would think the opportunities for OHV trail riding are plentiful. Alas, that is not the case. most of Texas is private land. But there are a few spots where we can go hit the trails. Ill post the few that I know of. If anyone else wants to add to the List, please feel free to do so.

I live North of Houston (Conroe, between Houston and Huntsville) so Im only familiar with a few near me:

Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area (DFW area).
Run by TMTC

Never been there, but pics show mostly dirt trails with some improved obstacles.

Hidden Falls OHV park (Hill country NE of San Antonio)

Great park. this is my go-to when I get the chance. Lots of rocks and ledges, dirt trails and complicated rock gardens and cool scenery.

Creekside Offroad Ranch (NE of Houston):

Very close to me. Ive never been because they market themselves as mostly mud pits, and that's not my thing.

General Sams offroad park: (north of Huntsville)

Again, pretty close to me, but Ive never been because, again, they are more of a mud pit type place.

Big Bend National Park: SW Texas

This is the only OHV friendly public access area that I know of in Texas with primitive dirt roads, and challenging obstacles. there are other state, and national parks. But to my knowledge they dont have many (if any at all) OHV "jeep" trails. Once my blazer is complete, and i give it a few "shake down" runs to test it, I plan to make a trip out there for a few days.

Thank you fourwheelerjeff for the below:

Wolf Caves


Escondido Draw
Run by TMTC

Monkey Creek
by Quanah TX. it is usually open once in the fall and once in the spring.

Canadian River north of Amarillo

Anyhow, chime in fellas, and lets get a comprehensive list going...
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Jan 1, 2016
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Hallsville, Tx
Barnwell is my go to. It’s in my back yard, somewhat. It’s a Small place, but very challenging for full size rigs. Trails are well marked. It’s worth a trip to check out.
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