Little Johnny's Smart Pills~JOKE~

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    Little Johnny\'s Smart Pills~JOKE~

    Little Johnny had pet rabbits in his room. Before school, he had to
    clean the cages. While he was doing this, he heard the bus come. He
    shoved the fist full of rabbit turds in his pocket, grabbed his pack,
    and headed out the door.

    Once at school, he took out the 'rabbit pellets' and put them on the
    desk. The kid sitting next to him asked, "Hey, what are those?"

    Little Johnny answered, "These are smart pills, want some?"

    "Sure!" said the kid, and he took a bunch and swallowed them. In
    disgust, he screamed "Agg! These taste like [censored]!"

    Little Johnny replied with a smirk, "See, you're getting smarter

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