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    This is a continuation of a post I made a few days ago. My rear end went out last week. I have since determined that it is the locker (stock-Gov-lock, or so I am told) that broke. At this moment, I am considering 1 of 2 options. Either put a new locker in it, or put an open carrier in it. I need to get this thing up and running NOW. I am going to put new gears in the front and rear this spring. Will the locker I buy now work with the gears I buy later? currently I am running 3.08's, but will switch to 4.11's in the spring. What do y'all think, and how the H@LL do you install a carrier/locker? The spider gears and ring & pinion are in good/excellent condition. All I plan on doing is installing the locker or carrier.

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    Your best bet if your not planning on putting in the gears right now is to get an open carrier. There is a carrier break at 3.73 and if your going to 4.10 then your going to have to run a ring gear spacer (not really a great idea). Don't waste you money on a locker for a 10bolt. they are weak and prone to failure. You could probably pick up a 12 bolt with 3.08 gears for $100. Heck I know somebody with one with a blown spider and I have spider gears and I could probaly talk him into selling it for $100 but the shipping from Atlanta would suck. If you look around you can find 14's for cheap. some even with Detroit lockers. But I sure wouldn't spend any more money than it would cost to buy and open carrier and spiders on a 10 bolt.

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