Long drive, but only 230 miles

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    hey all.
    Well as I said before i am in Yuma AZ. i thank all of you wanting to come down to go wheeling. but i have to decline the offer. i need to put my truck together. before my trip from Camp Pendleton CA to Yuma AZ i installed a towbar on my blazer. my buddy and i towed it with his burbon. no problems with the burbon. towed like a charm. till the passes. we didnt do more than 55mph. and we did a lot of 25mph through the ass. we almost hit two cars one semi and 4 guard rails. i am posting this just as info for using a towbar.

    #1, make sure the larger tires are on the tow truck. he has 32x 9.5x16.5 tires, mine are 33x12.5x15. we should have swapped them.

    #2, make sure you buy an antisway device. i dont care if it cost more than the tow bar. i wish i had.

    #3, make sure you dont have a loaded truck being towed that HAS NO REAR SHOCKS.... that was WAY MY FAULT.

    if i could to it again, and i dont want to. i honestly would take out a loan and buy a trailer. then put my truck on rims and then on the trailer. some day...

    1974 Chevy Blazer Cheyanne. lots of plans for it....
    but it is on 33's now, with saggy old springs. i am in so cali if ya got any parts for me.

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