Looked at a '73 Today

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    Looked at a \'73 Today

    Well... I took pics and apparently left the camera there. Sheesh. Another trip I guess! I guess I was just stunned, because although I drove there in my topless '90 and looked at a '73 that would likely be cheap, there was a beautiful '72. I guess the owner is on this board, too!! He left his truck up at his dad's place, who needed me to work on his computer. Oh my gosh. I fell in love. I even got to go for a ride in it, through the woods. I have a picture, on that camera that I have to go get. Now I'm spoiled and want a '72 or older. What a sweet ride! There is an old one sitting in town but the guy won't sell it. I stopped and asked him again today. Maybe one will come along yet! I'll try to have pics of the '73 tonight, if I can get ahold of my camera. I think the '72 ruined it, though, lol.

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