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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by mudhound72, May 5, 2005.

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    I am wondering what is a good book to get and read to buld a frame and susp cage work setup ect, I want a better idea for what I am doing in the line of strength of materals to use not to weak, but I am also not going to buld a rig to heavy.

    Also were is a good place to find it

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    There is no Off Road specific suspension design book that I know of. The best that you can do is to read those mostly intended for road racing. Then you have to decide what points they feel are important are also important to your use. I think that Herb Adams' "Chassis Engineering" is one of the better books for simply explaining things. Read it cover to cover as he suggests. Don't worry if you can't make sense of something right away. Mark those topics with a post-it and keep going. Then start thinking about how to apply what you've learned to Off Road designs. After you've started thinking about how and what to apply some of those ideas that didn't make sense will start to, or re-reading those sections may help.
    BTW, most of the front suspension design stuff doesn't apply to crawlers b/c few crawlers use SLA designs. It will apply to higher speed Off Road applications.

    If you haven't yet downloaded it, you need a copy of ExcelCAD (search that name here) if you are thinking of doing any kind of linkage.

    To really understand cage design from a Math perspective you need an education in Statics and Strengths of Materials. Note, I said "From a Math perspective". There are plenty of people out there who can visualize what needs to happen w/o any idea of what the numbers are. That only comes from experience.
    If you want to tackle this from the numbers side I'd suggest a copy of "Statics & Strengths of Materials" by Fa-Hwa Cheng, ISBN 0-02-803068-0
    This text book is intended for Construction Management Majors and written at the Trig level rather than the Calculus level of most Engineering texts on the topic(s).
    The Adams book is carried by or available from most any book store. It's either an SA Designs or a HP Books publication. The Cheng book will take a little more looking. I'd suggest Amazon.com unless you have a 4 college close by that offers the Construction Management degree.

    Search the topic here as there have been posts on this before. In one I listed every suspension design book I knew of, and I seem to recall several others coming up with books I didn't know of as well as impresions of the various books.

    Finally, this bbs and the shop section over on race-dezert.com's bbs are the two best places I know of to ask a tech question and get honest answers w/o getting flamed by some buttmunch with an attitude.

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