Looking for Nova possible trade!

Discussion in 'Parts & Trucks Wanted' started by Flexy K20, Aug 18, 2003.

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    Oct 22, 2002
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    I am currently looking for a Nova and would maybe consider trading my truck for one. I am pretty undecided on the body style at this point as long as it's not newer then a 72'. I never thought I would EVER see the day that I would even consider giving up my truck for anything but I have been dieing for a Nova. If you have a Nova for sale or know someone that does please let me know. For those of you that dont know, the BASIC run down of my truck is this:

    1984 Chevy K20
    Dana 60/14B FF
    35 Spline Conversion on the D60
    4" Superlift Springs, I took out a leaf form the rears and replaced it with a Cherokee leaf, and 1" ORD add-a-leafs up front
    3" Body
    Crossover Steering, ORD draglink, Sky Manu. Arm
    Crate 350 700R4/208
    AWSOME interior, sound system etc.
    The truck is on 36" TSL SX's and Black Eaton Wheels
    Rancho 9000's all the way around with Ford Shock towers up front
    4.10 Gears with a welded front and Gov Loc Rear
    Now with the Dana 60. The Chevy Dana 60 I put in right before Blazerfest alomst exaclty 2 months ago. When I got the axle I compleatly tore it down and replaced EVERYTHING, every seal, axle shaft, bolt washer, etc. I also put Dodge knuckles on it because the moved the tie rod up over and 1" compared to the Chevy ones.

    This is a very basic rundown of my truck, and we could talk more if someone is interested.

    There are a bunch of pictures of my Truck on the Mini Rubicon here: http://www.norcalbigdawgs.net/Gallery/albun31?&page=3

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    Nov 5, 2002
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    Mill City,OR
    I've got a 63 Chevy II (Nova)that Im interested in selling.Pm me or e-mail me and we can talk.
    Basic rundown of mine.
    250 In-line 6 w/headers,Clifford 4bbl and 600 cfm Holley
    dual exhaust
    65 Nova rear end (5 lug)
    66 Nova spindle in front(5 lug)
    newer interior
    205/50r/15' rea
    195/50r/25 front
    15x7 camaro ralley wheels

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