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    So after a year hiatus in Kuwait i am finally going to be able to get back to my 83' blazer!(hopefully) /forums/images/graemlins/peace.gif . First thing i am going to do is put my one ton suspension in and being the way things are i want to upgrade the drive train while i am at it. After thinking on it for quite some time i have decided to go ahead and install a 4.3 Atlas-II transfer case over the excellent ORD Doubler setup. Advance adapters documentation is very Jeep centric so the information is spotty on what adapters/modifications i would need to mate the Atlas to a NP208 version of the SM465(32-spline) the only transmission that is not mentioned in their documentation. Due to this fact i would rather get the information from those that have done it.

    From what i have read it seems that i would have to use some version of TH400 adpater that they have to make it work. So my qestions are

    1.)for those who have this setup and what you had to go through to get it setup. What AA adapter did you use?

    2.) do i want left hand drop or right hand for the Atlas?(i am assuming looking from the front of the vehicle and the position of the front axle pumpkin it the way to decide that. I have the passenger side pumkin on my front D60

    3.) Not really related but what is the difference between the 96' GM NV4500 4x2 model and the 4x4 model? All i could really determine is that the output shafts are different as far as i think spline count but i can't get a clear picture.

    thanks in advance

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