Man i wish i had a camera.

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    So Im in the Army down in Fort Puke (Polk), Lowsyana(louisiana) and we had an Offroad Drivers Training Course in the Humvees today. I was quite suprised!! The stuff that truck went through was crazy. First off we just did some cross country crap through a recently plowed/dried up field nothing to serious. Then came the obstacle course. First it was to forge water for about 50 feet which came a little past the bottom of the door. Then drive over mini rubicon rock coury. After that they had about 20 telephone polls laid down about 3-5 feet apart to drive over and 20 parking barriers staggered to drive over. Later on was steep ass gravel incline where all you see is sky then go right back down. Finally was the big mud pit. Of course instead of crawiling through it, i dropped into 1st and floored it. Eh the mechanics need some work. LOL. I had a blast. And this was supposed to be at combat speed, so no pussy footin. The guys who had never been offroad were freakin out. It was hilarious.

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