Man, my timing sucks...

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    Jun 1, 2001
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    I have been planning on installing a dual battery setup in my truck for quite some time. I have been gathering all the aprts I needed from various sources for well over a month. For several weekes, I have had waht I needed, just kept getting bumped down the priority list. R&P swap took longer than expected and really bumped it recently.

    Well, I was going to do it this past weekend. But, in light of all the turmoil last week, I decided the family needed a vacation. We went to Arlington TX for the weekend, relaxed by the hotel pool, and spent two days at Six Flags getting away from it all. But, Sunday, as we were getting ready to leave, I discovered that I had left my parking lamps on from the previous night. And... you guessed it, battery DEAD!

    No one seemed to be able to help. Called my roadside assistance people and it took them an hour to get there. Everything picked up from there. BUT, if I had that dual system finished, all I would've had to do is flip that switch!

    Oh well. I am DEFINITELY finishing it this weekend! Anyone ever installed a buzzer on the light switch in their rig for buzzing when the ignition is off and the lights are left on? I may want to install one of these as well.

    A new day.... May God be with us all.
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    I have a buzzer that jimmy-rigs into the fuse block, cost $4 at K-mart. Installs in under 5 mins. I ripped out the stock buzzer because the seat belt buzzer pisses me off.


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