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    Well ok i got my to run good enough to drive by unhooking the TPS to go pick up a new tv for my buddy cuz it wouldnt fit in his car and his girl friends car was too small also. On the way to his house i start hearing this rapid clanking noise when i take off and thought it might be the tv in bed of the truck cuz it was tired down with tow straps i thought they were rubbing the bed but no it got worse as speed got higher but the tranny still shifts fine in every gear and the fluid looks good. damn this sucks engine running bad and now this sh /forums/images/graemlins/ I need a 2wheel drive truck for a DD!!! or a Z28!!!

    *** Update *** WELL i pop the hood on my truck today to see the FREAKING elect fan had fallen in to the clutch fan and was causing all that noise!!!! Man that had me all worried i was like its always one thing or another but i have too much invested in this thing to sell it Anyways the TPS sensor is bad but im driving it with it unhooked till i get a new one at work tomarrow or sometime this week.
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    Re: SHITMAIN NEW TROUBLE tranny or Transfer case???

    You didn't pass English class, did ya?

    By the way, nice title /forums/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif

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