Matching my 241 adapter to my 203 (Doubler)?

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by chvyhs, Mar 3, 2004.

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    I'm ready to set my 203 up to my tranny adapter. I have a question about drilling the holes in the face of my 203.

    Do I just put my 203 up on the output shaft of the tranny and mark where the 241 adapter holes need to be drilled? There is enough material on the 203 case, right? Should I use studs or bolts to hold eveything together?
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    You have the right idea. bolt the Doubler adapter to the back of the NP203 so that you can make the feet parallel to each other, index the adapter onto the 203 face and mark the holes.
    Stuff to watch:
    Make sure you bolts don't go through by too far, the could hit the input gear if they're way too long.
    Make sure to plug up the old holes
    You might put a dab of sealant around the idler shaft when you re-install it so that you have a bit more protection against leaks
    You might have to do some clearance grinding inside the adapter and/or on the heads of the bolts to get it all to clear and seat properly.
    You should lay a locking tab in the "D" shaped cutout in the idler shaft to prevent it from spinning. Just use a piece of flatbar with a hole in the end to bolt into one of the original bolt holes in the 203 and it'll be pretty easy.
    One hole in the round pattern may fall off the 203 front face so you may have to move that bolt hole around the circle on both the 203 face and the adapter housing.

    That's about all there is to it, a lot of little steps.

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