Max EGT's you've seen?

Discussion in '1982-Present GM Diesel' started by arveetek, Mar 15, 2002.

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    Max EGT\'s you\'ve seen?

    Just wondering what the highest EGT's any of you have seen.

    The official word from Banks is to keep the EGT's under 1100 degrees when turbocharged. Most everyone else has agreed to this and says this is also the max for N/A engines.


    Here's my story: I turned the fuel up about a 1/4 turn on my injection pump about a year and a half ago (this is on my '81 diesel conversion). I tow trailers with this truck, and even towed my 29' fifth-wheel to Myrtle Beach, SC, down to Destin, FL, and back home in fall of 2000. I went over some mountains in Virginia. All the while I had the pedal mashed to the floor, and I didn't have an EGT guage installed yet.

    Well, last summer I decided I had better install a guage so I could see what was going on. First trip out after that, I was shocked! I was cruising along with my N/A 6.2L around 1300 degrees! If I really pushed it in the hills, I could max out a hair over 1400 degrees. It really scared the tar out of me.

    I soon came to learn that N/A diesels can actually reach higher EGT's than turbocharged engines, because the air flow is much lower. I also learned that the higher temps aren't as harmful as in a turbo truck, because the pressures are lower.

    I've said all that to point out the fact that maybe we can push our N/A diesels to higher temps than we thought we could. I've towed with my truck many miles, and it's never popped a head gasket or anything, and I know that cruising up those mountains in VA that my temps had to be reaching 1400 degrees for long periods of time.

    Just thought I'd pass this info along to see what ya'll might think about that.

    FWIW, my water temps hardly ever got hot enough to worry about.....only when pulling hard in 2nd gear did the temp go up, but never enough to get worried about.

    So, anyone else recorded record high EGT's?

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    Re: Max EGT\'s you\'ve seen?

    I used to get up to 1200 degrees occasionally after I installed my turbo (I didn't have an EGT gauge before I got the turbo). This was usually at high altitudes when I wasn't paying close attention, and only for a few seconds. I used to have trouble with the EGT getting too high at high altitudes, especially above 6000'. Above 7000' - 8000' I had to keep my foot at less than 1/2 - 3/4 throttle to keep the EGT below 1100. I've since turned the fuel back by about 1/16 of a turn to give myself a margin of safety. Now I have to be above 4000' to even get to 1000 degrees

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