Max HP/Torque rating at 4k RPM

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    I've been searching for engines online to replace the 350 for my 89 and most of the engines I come across have a rating of maximum HP/Torque up near 4k rpm. I don't believe I ever get my engine above 2k rpm. So my question is why do they give these max ratings for such a high rpm? What am I missing?

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    For one thing, most dynos don't read accurately, if at all, under 2k RPM. Second, most people want more, so you impress them with the highest numbers possible, peak torque and HP. In a truck, you typically aren't looking for a high RPM motor, as you said. Smaller valves, lower lift/shorter duration cams (generally) are much better for most trucks, so that you develop power down low.

    More than likely you typically get your engine up around 3-3500RPM. 2000 is typically what fast idle is on the trucks, and accelerating to get on the freeway, unless you move the pedal about 1/2", you will run more than 2k RPM.

    You will probably have better luck BUILDING a truck motor than buying a crate one. Contact a local machine shop and see what they can turn out a "stump pulling" small block out for. I bet its under $1500. Have to find out if they can supply the block and heads or not, but check into it.

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