May 14-16 3rd Annual Badlands Bash - HEY YOU JEEP GUYS!

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    May 14-16 3rd Annual Badlands Bash
    Hosted by Shortwheelbase forum.
    Main run to occur on Saturday-May 15. Registrations are due by April 9th but not required. Information can be found at...... SWB BBS Badlands Bash
    That page describes all of the details and has links to pictures from last years event. There will be a pitch-in cookout at the Steam Corner Campground
    Saturday night, along with raffle prizes.
    Pre-registration guarantees registrants a t shirt, dash plaque, and a SWB BBS sticker?, and last but not least a chance at a door prize.

    (Hey guys I have nothing to do with this, I just thought I would pass along the info for the midwest jeep guys - This is from the IFWDA Newsgroups) /forums/images/graemlins/waytogo.gif

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