May be heading back to Texas after 6 years

Discussion in 'Plains Region' started by BlazerFarm, Jun 28, 2003.

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    After 6 years up here in the Northwet I'm thinking about coming back to Texas. I really do miss it a lot. Just too expensive, too much traffic, too many people, and too many liberals here on the left coast (in that order, for me).

    So, what's the general state of the economy these days down there. I know it changes depending on the part of the state. I think I'm looking at West Texas first then maybe Dallas then Austin. I grew up and lived in Odessa/Midland and Lubbock for 33 years and have family around Dallas.

    I work in Information Systems in server and network engineering and have a Masters in MIS from Texas Tech with about 7 years experience.

    Are things as bad in Texas as they are up here in WA? Our unemployment is around 7.6 I think.

    Well, if I do come back I'll have to meet some CK5ers from around there. I've met some up here in WA and they are all very cool. I'd have to get used to the heat again but I think I could manage.

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    Hello Don.. good to see you want to move back to the lonestar state.. The economy isn't doing as well as it could, but with your background, you shouldn't have a problem in the high tech industry. My wife and I live in the Austin/Round Rock area. Round Rock is still an affordable place to live and it has just about everything Austin has, without the high cost of living.
    And there are plenty of us K5 owners located just in this area. I see you have quite the collection.
    Good luck to you and hope you make it back to the great state of Texas..

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