measuring angles for CV style driveshaft

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    I know that the pinion should be directly in line with the driveshaft, but can this angle be determined without having the new driveshaft built first? I have to relocate the perches on this rear anyway before I can bolt it in, so I would like to weld them at the correct angle and not have to use shims.

    I can't afford to get a new shaft built yet, but would like to get the rear installed so that I can at least push the Blazer out of the way when necessary.

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    If you point the pinion directly at the transfer case output shaft you will be fine. Thats what you are supose to do with a cv joint.

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    Just got done..
    #1 The pinion needs to be 2 degrees down from directly pointing at the T-case. You will get your 2 degrees back when you step on the gas pedal.

    #2 You need to get a good megnetic based angle finder from either snap on or harbor freight has them.

    #3 Take the drive shaft off, then set your angle finder on the flat surface arear where the u-joint straps bolt down. This will give you your pinion angle.
    #4 If you have the T-case lowered you need to raise it back up to the stock height, then reconnect your drivesaft adn get your shaft angle by putting the angle finder on the tube of the driveshaft.

    #5 Now subtract the pinion angle from the driveshaft angle this will give you the "WORKING" anlge of the rear u-joint. Then you need to figure out how many degrees you need to bring the angle to meet 2 degrees.
    **KEY NOTE HERE** Once you start moving the pinion angle up this start to degrees the shaft angle. So this will only get you a close measurement.

    You can however go ahead and cut the perches off and set them on the tubes under the truck and re-tighten the U-bolts to hold everything together till you get the funds for the shaft. I would NOT weld the perches down till you have the new shaft installed to get the exact measurements.

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