Mech Engineering Internships in CA?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by dhcomp, Mar 6, 2007.

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    Hey brothers,
    I'm starting the search for an internship in Mechanical Engineering this summer. I have one last summer in school, and want to get some job experience. I will be graduating next year from UC Davis with a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Managerial Economics.

    For the past few summers, i have been running my own home repair business full time, and have a lot of practical experience in everything from plumbing to electrical to trim work. I also have extensive woodworking and cabinetry skills, and have been trying to gain more metal/machine shop experience.

    I have been focusing on some construction related positions, like a field engineer, but am open to suggestions. I'd love to get into automotive or marine work too. Really, i've decided that i need a job with some sort of a hands on component. I like all the hands on problem solving and design too much to sit at a desk all day.

    Anybody have any contacts or reccomendations for me? I'm currently in the Sacramento area, but am looking for work either here or in the SF bay area.

    Trying to keep this post short (haha, i think i failed), but if anyone thinks they might be able to help me out, let me know, and we can discuss some of my qualifications and i can pass on my resume.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Career center is pretty good. Or so I hear, I never used it.:p: I got my job by going to one of the career fairs.
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    You'd have to want it, and they would have to be looking but I work at BOEING Satellite Systems adjacent to LAX. I'm a Lead in Ground Support Operations. We Engr. Spacecraft Slings, Stands, Offloaders, Transporters and smaller stuff too. There's enough latitude to either stare at the tube all day, or get out and get things built.
    We always seem to have interns around each Summer. So if you want decision making data, let me know. :D

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