Mechanical Clutch advice needed; 84 Blazer

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    As I stated, I have a mechanical clutch in my rig. Had this truck for 13 years now and have replaced the clutch every few years. The pressure plate and disc always seem to look fine when we remove them, the bearing is always the problem! I bought the Center Force duel friction setup and the heavy duty bearing three times over the years. Now once again, I need to replace the clutch. (Once I remove it, I'll see if the PP and disc are fine) The adjustment on the linkage is simple enought; just a rod and adjusting nuts yet, can anyone offer advice on why I keep eating up the bearings?! I Do not ride the clutch, I put it in nurtural when stopping and yet...
    All the clutches have had to be replaced with between 12k and 15k miles. My driving is 60% city and the rest highway miles. Another question; should the inital adjustment be what... when I release the clutch lets say an inch or so, should the truck move or should the adjustment be such that when I release the clutch two or three inches before the truck moves? When I step on the clutch, should the pedel go down an inch or so before it engages? Three inches?
    Thanks for any advice!
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    get the clutch handbook from HP books
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    If I was living in the U.S. I would just go to a local 4x4 repair shop for advice or a bookstore and buy the book but, I'm stationed in South Korea and don't have that option. Who publishes this HP book you mentioned?

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