Merry Christmas from Canada!

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    Alberta Canada
    Northern Lights Off-Road Association
    Cold Lake Alberta Canada
    Trail Ride: December 21, 2002
    Martineau Trail Run
    Written by Dusty and Gail Bouthillette

    Twas the weekend before Christmas
    And all through the city,
    The people were rushing -Oh, what a pity!

    As the Northern Lights Offroaders
    Gathered at Tim Horton's for their run
    Over to Martineau Trail to have some night fun!

    The intrepid travelers set off thru the night
    With visions of ruts
    Ahead in their sight.

    On Michael! On Dusty!
    On Wendell! On Janet!
    On Keith from Tri-City and Greg from Kitscotty.

    The group, now ready,
    Full sizes and Jeeps too.
    CB's turned on and radios in tune.

    With headlights aglow and taillights aflicker,
    We head for the trail
    And start to drive quicker.

    We know what awaits on a darkened trail head
    Moonlight, headlights and tree branches in Dusty's truck bed,
    We drive through the trail
    And idle through ruts.

    Then all of a sudden,
    There arose such a clatter!
    Everyone stopped to see what was the matter.

    Someone was stuck,
    We ran back to see;
    Small tires, no lift -Wendell, unfortunately,
    high centered, no more could he go

    Once Wendell got tugged out in reverse,
    We went back to our rigs
    To continue our course.

    We approached the river and began to traverse.
    Brave Mike went out first
    And through the ice he did not burst.

    He reached the far shore in no time at all!
    Mike got out of his truck
    And gave us a call:

    "The river is safe, the river is fine!
    Come on across,
    You'll make it in no time!"

    The rest of the group
    Made it to the far side,
    To mark the mid-point of our second night ride.

    The fire was started, the wieners were cooking,
    The hot chocolate was flowing
    And everyone was looking.

    At the beautiful stars and full silvery moon,
    Knowing that we all had to go home
    Very soon.

    We made it back to the road all safe and all sound
    And for a group photo,
    We all gathered round.

    We drove off once more,
    Back home,
    Through the night.

    Our motors a roaring,
    Our tires a hummin'.
    Look out Tim Hortons!
    We are a comin'!

    Merry Christmas from the Northern Lights Off Road Association


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