Metal fab ?'s

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    Metal fab ?\'s

    Just curious on stuff. Are there different grades of grinding wheels that I should be using for different materials such as 1020? Also, since I don't have a notcher yet, I was practicing my welding and also nothcing skills using my chop saw. First question is should I be worried about the saw slowing down when it gets to the end of the tube? Exactly what it is doing is bogging down the last few centimeters before it goes all the way through. Also concerning the notching, could someone tell me the exact way to notch with a chop saw? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Metal fab ?\'s

    As you cut through your heating the steel. it will warp slightly and it draws up some pinching the blade/wheel. Make sure that the part your cutting is laying perfectly flat on the deck and lay a straight edge across the table and make sure it's flat. If it were tipped up any it's possible to fold the peices in on the blade. You might even want to concider pitting a 1/8 inch plate on one side of the deck for that the piece you cutting off will not have any upward pressure on it worsening the problem. If it starts binding you can lean on the peice your cutting off and open the cut a little to reduce the drag on the blade.
    As for the grinding wheel, the more agressive the faster it will remove material. I personaly like a middle of the line. Removes fairly quick but does not leave real noticable grind marks. the less agressive the cleaner it looks.
    As for notching Just lay it long end in after marking aproximatly where you need the notch. leave it long. take out most of the material then dress it with a hand held grinder for the final fit. You have to do one side at a time. Basicly make a V cut on the end. Pertty straing foward when your trimming up a peice that will be 90deg to whatit's being welded to but can get trickly when the peice will be welded at an angle. Just pay close attention on the angles that you don't accidently cut through on the other side where you needed material to be.

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