MINIMUM Caster angle??

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by Brian 89KBlazer, Mar 25, 2002.

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    Stephen or anyone else

    Since the Castor seems so important in the DW debate; another question on it. What's the minimum castor angle I can get away with on my D60 & still have some return-to-center feel in the steering? I'd like to rotate the axle up as much as possible to help with the angle on the pinion but it'll be at the expense of castor.

    Another related question on the D60. How much clearance between the basepan & the top of the D60 is required so that the axle doesn't hit the basepan under full suspension stuff??

    Thanks for any help
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    I am currently working on D60 DW myself, so I thought I would try reducing caster (it had a good number of votes). I estimated that I was at about 8-8.5 degrees.

    I added 5 degree shims. Didn't help DW, but it definitely took out my severe hood slope during turning... stays pretty level now. Didn't notice much difference in driveability except that it may be a little easier to steer and doesn't lunge back to center going down the road (but still a good return to center).

    So far, my best improvement for DW was to tighten the bearings... instead of backing off 3/8 turn from 35 lb-ft, I backed off only 1/8 (after conferring with Scott @ Rock Stomper). Really took it down to an occasional vibration in the steering system... haven't triggered DW since.

    My DW is triggered by bumps on the right tire at 35-55 mph. I can say with some measure of confidence that it isn't bearings... all new Timken bearings and races and I did try switching the whole assembly (hub/rotor/bearings) between sides. Don't think it is spindles based on the tight tolerance getting the bearings on.

    Also, I saw suspicons of crossover. Had it before, still have it.

    Next is a basic that should have been done before... tire balance (even though the tires are unchanged since the 10 bolt was ousted).
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    I was going to suggest 3-4 degrees as a minimum and that seems to work with other guys experience. Try to leave yourself some room for adjustment, at least a couple degrees in each direction would be good.
    Another DW note. I had to dead tow my K5 and at about 35-40 I had a nasty wobble when the motor's not running. Do it under my own power, no DW. Must be that the damping in the rock ram is dependent on the pump pressure to work. Which makes sense.

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