Minuteman group plans Canadian border action

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    A controversial group known for gathering armed volunteers to patrol the U.S.-Mexico border to slow illegal immigration plans to patrol America's northern border as well.
    A representative from the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps recently spent two weeks in Washington state, including Whatcom County, to start two chapters here, one on each side of the Cascades, said Chris Simcox, president and founder of the Tombstone, Ariz.,-based organization.
    Washington is one of several northern states to which volunteers want to bring the border-guarding effort, Simcox said.

    "We've had an overwhelming response from people along the northern border, who feel we need to do the same thing there," he said.
    Volunteers with the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps patrolled an otherwise unguarded stretch of the Arizona border last spring, and Simcox plans to expand the effort this fall to parts of the border in California, Texas and New Mexico."


    Saw this on PBB. Looks like they are going to finally keep those pesky Canadian border jumpers out. :haha:

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