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    This morning on my way to work my 91 K5 350 FI 4x4 had a slight vibration. I drive in the inter-sate to work for about 20 mins for so, but it is slow and go. After work I was thinking about taking it to a place that I can get it up to about 75-80 and let it run for a little while, since I did not drive it for about 10 and started to drive it again this past Monday. If that does not do any thing for me, I was going to start by pulling the plugs and wires. The plugs have been in for about 1.5-2 years. If that is not it I was going to pull the distributor and put a new on in. what do you all think? There is no “Service Engine” light on, so no codes to check. The only other thing that I could be is the same day, I went to start it and half a crank and DEAD. It was a good crank and it was the bat. was pulled for the engine. I went out and moved the One of the ground wires that are under the hood and the bat. was back and strong, but clock was reset, so the codes would be as well. Some things that I have done to the truck in the past 1 or so are, new fuel filter, clean air filter, new rad. But most of that would not make a difference.

    Would it help to pull the 2 bat. or just the one that starts it?


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