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    Dear Monument Petition Signer;

    Because there have been a number of significant developments in the
    week, I want to update you on our efforts to deal with the "dark of
    night monuments" our former President set up to create a legacy for
    himself. We appreciate your signing the petition to President Bush at to establish a blue ribbon commission to
    these designations.

    Last week I met with new Interior Secretary Gale Norton and discussed
    creating this commission with her. She liked the idea and was impressed
    that so many thousands of you have signed this petition. We will
    continue this discussion in more detail after she gets settled in.

    I am particularly pleased that Chad Calvert, former Executive Director
    of the House Western Caucus, was with us in this meeting. Chad has just
    been appointed as the acting Congressional Liaison for the Interior
    Department. Since I am the Vice Chair of the Caucus, I have a long
    working relationship with him. I know that he will be helpful in making
    sure that creating this commission is carefully considered along with
    all of the other concerns that I and others in Congress have about

    Since our meeting, Secretary Norton has provided additional details on
    the likely direction the Bush Administration will take. While it is
    clear that no final decision has been made, she indicated that
    Bush probably would not try to undue any of the Clinton monuments.
    Instead, she said the Administration would look at adjusting monument
    boundaries and redirecting management plans to be more responsive to
    local problems and other concerns.

    Last week I also met with House Resources Committee Chair Jim Hansen
    the committee Chief of Staff, Allen Freemyer. Jim has made it clear
    that he will let each congressman with a Clinton monument in his
    district decide how to proceed. However, since some monuments are
    creating greater problems than others, we've agreed that we should meet
    as a group. Creating a blue ribbon commission also will be a focus of
    that meeting.

    I will keep you informed of our progress on the monument issue.
    No matter which strategy emerges, solving the problem of these Clinton
    monuments will be a very tough fight. The environmental groups have
    drumming up opposition to doing anything about these monuments since
    Gale Norton's confirmation hearings. I am convinced that winning will
    take some creative and innovative approaches as well as a lot of old
    fashioned hard work.

    I will also keep you informed about another very tough fight, one that
    will have a direct impact on how successful we can be in dealing with
    these monument problems. That fight will be over passing legislation
    explore for oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). In terms
    of reorienting our thinking and policy direction on how we use our
    natural resources, I think this will be the "mother of all battles."

    Of course, the fight to open ANWR also has broader economic
    implications. In the short run, winning it matters a great deal to the
    many Americans burdened with high energy prices and dealing with
    shortages of electricity. But in the longer run, the outcome will
    directly affect the strength and resiliency of our economy and our
    ability as a nation to compete successfully in the 21st century.

    Thanks again for your support!

    Chris Cannon
    House Western Caucus Vice Chair

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