morality in america....and what to do about it

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by eds77k5, Jan 22, 2002.

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    <a target="_blank" href=></a> this has to do with land issues too and what we are willing to do about it

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    Wow, sure makes you think.

    How dull minded and numb has the American public become?

    Down-right, WRONG law-suits that have no business in a court, let alone winning!
    Walking on egg-shells, worring about offending someone and being "politicaly" correct.
    Gun control, I don't own a gunn, never have and never will - but I should have the right too.
    This is OUR land, and I have a right to use it and the responsibility to take care of it -Or do I?....

    I'm as much to blaim as the next guy.


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    I've seen this for a while. IMO, americans are too lazy. All they are concerned with is their lives. It's too much effort to go down and protest to a sexual harrasment charge against a little boy who kissed a little girl. We're too busy with our own lives and things just keep getting by us. All I've known to do is voice my opinion. Many are too afraid to voice their opinion because they don't want to be ridiculed or humiliated. Many times, I haven't voiced my opinion for that reason. The least I can do, is voice my opinion and get over the fact that it's not accepted by everyone.

    I dunno...I worry about the future of America. I've said for a long time that the discrimination isn't against blacks, latinos, etc. It's against white's now. White people are not allowed to be proud of their herritage. It really pisses me off when ANYONE thinks they should have special rights. I think it should be "This is the way America it or leave it." I know there are still a few idiots out there who are racist. But for the most part, people aren't racist anymore. But it keeps getting brought up over and over again for...I dunno why. If people would quit being so jumpy, it would completly die. When one race doesn't have the special treatement another does....that one race starts resenting the other and racisim is born all over again.

    Teachers are just about expected to raise people's kids. Yet, they are not allowed to disiplin. So, what do you get? Unruley kids.

    Divorce. People look at marrige like a joke almost. "If it doesn't work out, I can get a divorce." Then they go and have kids. They don't realize that kids are not just barbie dress up dolls. So, they marry someone they sorta love, they have kids and they get tired of their husband/wife and they get tired of their kids cause they didn't really think about what they were committing to. And you get a broken home.

    Mainly, people don't do enough research. People think guns kill people. It's the lunatic behind the gun. The gun is just a tool. Anything else can be just as deadly.

    Also, we don't let kids go out and skin their knee. We protect them from making mistakes. We protect them from dangerous things instead of guiding them. I think there are many valuable lessons from skinned knees and mistakes that a parent can't just tell their child. Mistakes is how you learn. My dad protected my little brother way too much. My little brother is suffering because of that now since he has to learn some very hard lessons that he could have learned under my father's guidance. That's what parenting is IMO. Teaching your child how to live in the real world, not in some unrealistic video game that has a reset button.

    Anyway, IMO America is in a sad state right now. I hope it turns around. But inorder to turn around, it's going to take many people who are concerned about something else or someone else besides themselves.

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