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    This mail is being sent to you via MailList at S10-4X4.COM

    Newsletter Subject:

    Dear WildAlert Subscriber,

    President Clinton is expected to approve the final rule to protect
    roadless areas on our National Forests by mid-December (WildAlert
    11/16/00). While the final proposal is a great improvement over the
    earlier draft, some concerns remain that President Clinton must resolve in
    the final plan. Take action today --

    "Never before have the American people so actively participated in helping
    to decide how their public lands should be managed. The fact that more
    than 1.5 million comments were received from Americans show that these
    truly are all of the people's lands, not just a few, and they care deeply
    about how they are cared for."

    So said Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman, in response to the huge number
    of comments received by the Forest Service on the Administration's
    proposal to protect roadless areas on our country's National Forests. By
    an overwhelming margin, the majority of comments received by the Forest
    Service were in support of strong roadless area protection.

    YOUR COMMENTS MADE THE DIFFERENCE -- THANK YOU! The draft version of the
    Roadless Area Protection Plan, released in May, banned *road-building* in
    the remaining National Forest roadless areas. But the draft still allowed
    *logging* in these wild forests, and completely exempted America's largest
    National Forest, the Tongass rainforest in Alaska, from all protection.

    Due to the overwhelming number of comments received, the Forest Service
    modified the proposal in the Final Plan to prohibit all commercial logging
    in these roadless areas, and to include the Tongass National Forest.

    Despite the great strides by the Forest Service between their draft and
    final proposals, some problems remain that President Clinton must resolve
    in the final plan.

    Specifically, the proposal allows for "stewardship" logging operations to
    proceed, and protection for the Tongass is delayed for four years.

    The Forest Service has used "stewardship" logging as an excuse to conduct
    business as usual -- including clear-cutting old-growth forests on public
    lands. And waiting four years to include the Tongass would result in
    hundred of miles of new roads and thousands of acres of clearcuts in
    Alaska's ancient rainforest.

    By mid-December, President Clinton will finalize the Roadless Area
    Protection Plan. Please send him a free FAX from, or contact him directly with this

    - Thank him for the dramatic improvements by the Forest Service to the
    Roadless Area Protection Plan.
    - Ask him to strengthen the final proposal to ensure an enduring and
    historic legacy for future generations, specifically:
    - Provide strong environmental and scientific guidelines for stewardship
    logging, and
    - Immediately protect the Tongass National Forest and its priceless
    roadless areas from all logging and road construction.

    Send your comments to:

    Pres. William J. Clinton
    The White House, Washington, DC 20500
    FAX: 202/456-2461
    CALL TOLL-FREE: 866/366-3655 (business hours; press 0 to bypass recording)

    For more information and to send a prepared fax:

    For a full list of Action Items, visit

    An archive of past WildAlerts can be found at

    Now remember that groops like this are the ones that want up off the trails.
    But we can use there links to help us and let us know what they are up to.
    Jeff Henderson
    Asst Webmaster
    Land Issues Officer

    J**'s whats for dinner!
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    it is good that our letters have helped but we can't let up. we need to reshape our letters to help define things.

    <font color=red>get involved with land issues or lose the land</font color=red>

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