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    Oct 24, 2001
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    i need more flex in my 79'chevy pickup
    its got a 4"suspension lift made by rough country
    and a 3" body lift,36" ground hawgs how could i improve flex?any sugestions would help.....thanks
  2. Greg72

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    Mar 5, 2001
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    Not to sound like a wisea$$, but you could start by ditching the Rough Country lift!! /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif

    That's what my truck had on it when I bought it, and it truly rode "ROUGH"... I hated it. I went with custom front springs and an ORD shackle flip in the rear, but a lot of guys have done great with the Tuff Country EZ Ride springs (front & rear)

    Next idea would be to identify if there are OTHER things limiting your flex, even with the existing springs? Have you checked your shocks to make sure they are not bottoming or topping out? What about brake lines....are they stretched to the max?

    Greaseable bushings will help add a little flex, and might improve the ride quality somewhat.

    Unbolting the spring clamps will also allow your springs to twist up more, but at the expense of longevity...they will break sooner.
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    Feb 24, 2001
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    Need more info. What exactly have you got and where are your problems. What do *you* mean by “improve flex”? How much? Front? Rear?

    A few things come to mind. Removed your sway bar? Shocks limiting? Front shackle angle a problem? Softer rate springs an option? How about custom springs? You can get 6" front springs and remove a leaf or two for a softer longer spring, but may void you warranty (also fixes the shackle angle). Rear blocks or springs? If blocks, a shackle flip will improve more things than flex (which is not a huge change by itself). If lift springs, other options like a flip will yield more flex. F150 rear springs are great without much work. Later model GM rear springs are said to work better (recent post from Boss mentions this). With some effort 63" (most 87+ trucks, new body) can be made to work well. Marv Springer makes a system (I run a modified system from him) with insane flex and not too many negatives (I like it allot). BorregoK5 has a supper easy flip solution too that provides some options.

    Beyond that, we could talk all day about options and pitfalls... Also, remember that flex is not the end-all-be-all that some people think. There are pros and cons, plus, flex with lockers does very little for traction... Flex without lockers is not an issue, because, IMO, you need to be looking at lockers before worrying too much about flex. Which of course is not to say that flex without lockers is not beneficial… And so on, and so forth…

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    Oct 3, 2001
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    I have the "rough Country"springs.Heres what I did,remove the second to the bottom leaf.This will give a little less spring rate and only lose an 1" of lift.Check your shock extended travel,R.C. does not supply long enuff shocks.You will probably need longer shocks!!Remove the sway bar,get some extended shackles.this is all for the front ,the rear you can flip the overload leaf,lift blocks or lifted springs?Not much you can do with liftd springs,they are designed to be stiffer hence the added lift.56" or longer springs with a shackle flip and extended shackles will give the rear some flex.Hope this helps.Mike

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