more project pic's (one shows new color of my k5)

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by solowookie, Apr 10, 2002.

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    more project pic\'s (one shows new color of my k5)

    ok guys here's your update pic's; 1 gives you the (sorry topper's dirty - had a rain story &amp; the kids were playing in it - they got in BIG trouble), <a target="_blank" href=>on of the front of the engine (again), and <a target="_blank" href=>one of the back of the engine.</a>

    the engine is missing 2 things the drive belt, and my spark plug wire looms. the spark plug wire looms will look <a target="_blank" href=>like this.</a> I'm running the same wire loom on both k5's (a bit expensive, around $50, but it keeps my wire's were I want them on these stupid center bolt valve covers).

    the entire vehicle will be this black color, and black may show all flaws, but believe me flat black hides about literally everything.

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