Most Ideal setup would be???

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    What would be your guys most ideal setup for praticality of 4wheelin & everyday street use. What I'm curious about is the ride setup like a lift kit, what size tires, type of suspension, etc. Do you guys prefer 4", 6", or other lifts? Body or suspension lifts? Also what type of tires would be best & size? I'm trying to start planning things out so when I get my K5, I'll know what to get & already have the money saved aside for it. Thanx, hopefully I'll hear a lot of opinions.
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    Tough questions, and general to, you'll prolly hear a 1000 different answers.

    I think both 4 and 6" suspension lifts work well on full size blazers/jimmys. Anything lower isnt doing much for ya...and anything higher is making your center of gravity WAY up in the air waiting to tip over.

    As far as tire size, I started with 35s, they are good all-around...and popular enough to be inexpensive compared to those 39.5s we all want. =p I'm not a guru on different tire brands, but I do know that if you are going to drive on the hwy alot, and still want a MT might like ProComp MTs. Thats what my 35s are...good off road and very quiet, compared to some, on the road.

    AFA body lifts go, most people I talk to dont like them much, especially really tall ones (like 3"). A good compromise if you want just a lil more room under your fenders is a ORD 1" body lift. The solid aluminum "pucks" that ORD uses are pretty dang tough.

    Not sure what else to tell yeah, if you had more detailed questions, I'll try to help (not that I am a guru or anything!).

    My rig is currently my daily driver...for *me* the final evolution of its build up will include...

    5" suspension lift (rancho 4" + ORD 1")
    1" ORD body lift
    4" ORD shackle flip + revolver shackles
    mad fender trimming
    extended travel ProComp shocks, custom mounts (ala UAV)
    Tires? 37s..maybe some of those new BFG MTs...
    tires part II: 39.5s just for wheelin =p
    other goodies: D60/ff14b, ORD 203/205 x-case doubler, high angle beefy drive shafts

    There is lots more...but thats the basic stuff. Pics and info about my current set up can be seen at my webshots link below.


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    Well if you wanna keep it for street use no bigger then 38's tire wise, that's when it gets hard to drive and you risk other problems.... and I think a 6" suspension lift is nice! Good height but if you need clearance trim for it... keeps center of gravity low. Idealy I'd beef up the axles and get gears to match the tires and a locker in the rear at the very least then go from there and tweek things when you start to see what you want to do and what needs work...

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    I would say if I'm starting all over, I would go with a D44 and 14B FF axle swap with gears set for your combo. I'd also probably go with a 4" lift over the 6" lift in order to ease some of the costs and PIA's involved. Most of them are minor though. I would go all spring... either BDS or Skyjacker Softrides. 35's should fit ok on this combo but if you want a really flexy rig then you may need a touch of triming up front.

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  5. zakk

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    ideal set-up IMHO

    6" front springs
    2" rear springs w/ 4" ORD flip kit
    will require Driveshaft work (get a rear CV, i learned the hard way)
    *insert your fave steering corrections here*
    35" Pro Comp mudders. I had some and they worked great &amp; were quiet.
    slight front fender trim for when you are really getting it awn!
    (self siped my pro comp's too [​IMG])
    4.10 gears

    that is what i would do/did do. works well

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    Feb 2, 2001
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    6" lift with softest springs you can find
    2" body lift
    35" tires are the best for availibility and cost as well as a wide range of manufacturers and styles GEAR IT FOR THEM on the highway
    lock it up
    doubler it. best idea in the 4x4 market since the locker was invented, you get to keep the hiway gears and outcrawl us old school guys with deep gears in the dif
    get a winch (this should be high up on the list)

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