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Motor Mounts / Transmission Mounts / Atlas Mounts...??


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Mar 5, 2001
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Austin, TX
Was looking around the ORD website a little today and saw two different options for motor mounts / bushings.

There is a "standard" mount bushing and what was described as a "new design" with more Kevlar in the bushing material?? (presumably to increase durability)

Anyway... wondering if the bushings / sleeves / bolts are available as a "builder kit" for guys like me who are somewhat handy with tools... I'd like to build a new set of motor mounts on the "Might As Well" project and wondered if I should also use the same style / durometer bushing for a custom transmission mount and also to brace the Atlas on the front output side.... any other strategies or products that might be better suited to those other locations in the driveline?

Oh, and I'm hoping that the bushings are available again in black instead of light grey because I am trying to keep the look "stock"!!! :haha:



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May 26, 2003
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We do sell the bushing assemblies alone:

ORD bushing assemblies

All of the bushings we carry at this point are Kevlar infused, any of the bushing assemblies on those pages are available in black only.
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