Mt Lemmon Father's Day run

Discussion in 'Rocky Mountain Region' started by k2mslskier, Jun 15, 2006.

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    I know this is last minute but I just finally told my wife what I wanted for Father's load up the K5 with the family and do a nice leisurely run up the backside of Mt Lemmon on Sunday.

    I'm not exactly sure what time we will be heading out but I am extending the invitation out to anyone that would care to join. I know that it's not all that technical mainly just a decent dirt road but it's a nice relaxing ride up to some great views and somewhat cooler temps.

    We plan on loading up a cooler with the usual easy to eat stuff or maybe even a stop at the top in Summerhaven for some pie or pizza.

    Oh, just in case anyone doesn't know, the road starts just outside of Oracle which is north of Tucson. You can either go back down the same way or take the equally scenic paved road back down the front which drops you out on the eastside of Tucson.

    So if anyone is interested just post up.


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