MULLET HUMOR (Come on, most of us had one at one time)

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    I found these helpful tips here.

    Please join your fellow Mullet Hunters and become one of the few and the proud. Make it a part of your every day life to seek out and document the Mullet for research and knowledge so that we may some day gain an understanding into the choices some make.

    Helpful tools for the Mullet Hunter:

    Digital camera
    Regular camera
    Internet account
    Sense of duty
    Wrestling magazines
    BMX magazines
    Anything to do with hockey
    Anything to do with female athletes
    Anything to do with country music
    Anything to do with the 80's
    Anything to do with Camaros or other 'muscle cars'
    Buttrock/metal bands
    Anything to do with soccer
    Target, Wal-Mart, BIG K-Mart, malls
    NASCAR sponsored events
    Fairs or carnivals
    Off road racing or monster truck events (dirtstick stuff)
    Auto parts stores/shops
    Family photo albums
    CD's and records
    Bars & taverns (you can many times coax a drunk Mullet into posing)
    Here are some warning signs that may indicate a Mullet is near or cause you to take a closer look at an individual that you see.

    Muscle shirts
    A Camaro, 'Vette, El Camino, Ranchero or Nova with glasspacks
    Loud late 70's Heavy Metal
    Loud country music
    4-wheel drive pickups
    A mesh tanktop
    Any GLADD rally
    Work boots and dirty levi's (look for paint stains or battery acid holes)
    One of those skinny ties from the 80's
    Pinball machines
    A gunrack
    Anyone using can/bottle deposit machines
    Any NA or AA meeting
    Any car on blocks in the front yard
    Any male over age 30 on a BMX dirt bike
    A white guy drinking a 40 oz. beer
    Any really large woman pushing a stroller with 3 kids following her
    A "dude" with large mirrored sunglasses
    A "trash stash" or "cheesey teen" mustache
    You hear the word "[censored]" twice in a three-word sentence
    A hick sporting the patented "over-under" belt
    A family eating dinner on the 7-11 sidewalk
    Guys without shirts playing hacky sack or frisbee
    A walk where the hair is tossed around on purpose
    Two women holding hands
    Passing a 7-11 or Circle K
    Copenhagen window decals on a truck
    Any group of guys where one or more has removed his shirt
    Constant flipping or tossing of the hair
    A baseball hat in a huge truck with a rollbar
    A woman wearing a chain wallet
    A ponytail with bangs
    Catcalls or whistles directed towards "chicks" or "bitches"
    A white guy drinking any of the following: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Hamms, Bohemian, Schmidt, Milwaukee's Best or Schlitz
    The loudest person in the bar
    Any prison transfer
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    I'll have you know I'm trying to grow one out right now. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif It reminds me how much i hate long hair. And oh yea, ill get a pic of it when its ful grown.
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    how about also finding them in
    Redneck lesbain mullet softball ??????? /forums/images/graemlins/rotfl.gif /forums/images/graemlins/rotfl.gif
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    Speaking of mullets.....

    Where the heck is Kevin (riz)? /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif Haven't seen him on here for a while.

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