My dog's a $h!thead...wees in her kennel

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    My wife and I are the...sometimes...proud parent of Lucy a 1-2 year old Greyhound/Blacklab mix. She was a stray and we got her from a rescue agency in August. She's VERY affectionate, VERY hyper, and just loves being around us.

    The problem is when you don't pay attention to her she "punishes" you by peeing on the floor. We've mainly eliminated that when we are home by taking her out every two hours or so and making sure she doesn't have any to speak.

    The situation is that during the day she has to stay in her kennel inside from about 8am (sometimes 7am or so) until about 6:30-7:30pm when my wife and I get home from work. When we first got her we'd put her in a kennel I made for her outside and all was well. We'd usually come home to a happy, excited dog barking from the top of her kennel ala Snoopy.
    Being part greyhound she isn't up to a cold Northern Michigan winter so when it got below about 40 regularily we stuck her in the house in her inside kennel. It's got a pad and some toys and is more than big enough for her to move around in. Luckily it also has one of those cleanable/removable trays.
    On and off we'd get a small puddle in the corner away from the pad and then come home to find it and her squished in the other corner as far from it as possible. Cuss her out, yell no, wash the pad, clean up the puddle, etc and it didn't happen regularily. Now it seems to be a regular event. She's done it three days in a row now. Today's puddle is big, like she too a major wee in there at some point.

    We love her dearly but this is getting frustrating. Our neighbors are either unknown, cold, or @ssholes so having someone's kids come over after school isn't a choice. Neither of us can come home from work at lunch or anything either. It's too far.

    Suggestions? I'm about to eat dinner and she's still sitting in that corner eyeing the pad and being quiet. She knows we're pissed off about it. We're going to wash the pad and leave it out tomorrow. She gets the tray and nothing else tomorrow.
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