"My First House" story thread

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by MTMike, Jan 23, 2006.

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    Lets hear about your first house (even if you're still in it). And by first house I mean the first house you bought, not rented. Include price & pictures if you want.

    Here's mine....

    In Billings the only thing you can find under $150k is in the "tree district". All of the older homes that aren't in the historic district... We got ours 2 years ago for $96k. It was built in 1900, 3bd, 1ba, has a 10x18 garage (that's not car ready, but great for tool & spare truck parts storage), and is 1440 square feet + a 360sq.ft. basement with concrete floors & walls perfect for storage The downside is it needed a LOT of work. We had to paint every wall & ceiling in the place, every square inch of flooring needed to be replaced. We had to replace the windows because the 100 year old single panes didn't insulate at all, and just this weekend we had to replace the exterior back door. We found a burlap sack, a glove and shredded newspaper stuffed into the wall complete with petrified mouse crap. Since most of the other houses in the same price range were half the square footage, we've really increased the value of our home by freshening it up. Before alot of the improvement's we've done (but after the flooring & paint) we had it reappraised at $120k.

    The pictures are after flooring & paint.


    We'll be in here for another 2 or so years and then we'll be ready to buy some acreage and build. I can't wait.. (read 30x60 attached shop/garage on 10+ acres)

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