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    Feb 18, 2000
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    On Sunday I aquired a pickup tailgate with all of the hardware, and a winch bumper off of a '74 Chevrolet 1/2 ton pickup, it looks like I'l probably have to have some new mounts built for the bumper so it'll bolt to my frame (77 Blazer) but for free who's complaining[​IMG]
    I'll be dismantling and POR15'ing the bumper soon and I'll see who around my area will be able to whip me up a new set of mounts then I'll mount her up and have a buddy of mine take pics to post.
    I should be able to start putting all of the pieces back in my gate soon too, I took everything out and replaced the really bad stuff, painted the ok stuff with POR15 and bought a new crank, key cylinder and key, spring and dawg to hold the cylinder in, window guides, glass cam channels, and rollers so the back window should work like new[​IMG]

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