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    Well it started out as most of my sundays have lately, I woke up at my buddys house back home, with my head pounding and my eyes way to sensitive to any light. After wandering downstairs and recollecting the events of last night, I woke up my friend and drove to my parents house to hopefully get my pickup running so I could bring it to my house part one of the trip to Kerts place. Well after it wouldnt start and the battery charger wasnt helping any, I ran the two batterys up to storm lake, and got walmart to give me two new batterys(i love 3 year warrentys)(these were a year and 2 months old). Got them back home, old girl fired right up. a quart of atf later she was pulling out of the cramped garage and chuggin along nicely. Had my friend nick follow me the 70 miles to my house, It became apparent along the trip that not only will i be swapping in a 400 for my 6.2 but i need either a tranny rebuilt or a new 700R4. Between OD being useless/nonexitant it slips into 2nd and 3rd gear horribly :doah: But at least its halfway now. And now for my typcial picture whoring
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