My T Shirt Dream

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Resurrection_Joe, Feb 3, 2006.

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    So, anyway, I wenty hunting through the house for some damn t shirts

    Dropped 2 or 3 sizes, and I look really goofy running around in an army tent

    I went uptairs for the antique room raid

    Whattaya know, t shirts

    So, now, in addition to my 12 odd black shirts, 6 odd brown t shirts, 4 odd dark navy shirts, and 2 red shirts

    I have the ultimate wardrobe additions

    A Sturgis 97' shirt put out by Camel cigarettes

    A anti drug lame ass shirt I got in Sixth grade

    Some other ones I found but can't wear for the humility and because they're like, from when I was 8

    - 1984 Olympics t shirt
    - The Rocketeer
    - THE HULK!
    - 1988 Las Vegas shirt

    So here is sit in a giant lightbulb t shirt that says "turn off drugs" and wonder if I should wash it. It's been..... 9 years sitting

    I'm so sexy baby, want to turn off drugs with me? Yeah, ooooh yeah.... uh uh uh you know it. Want to eat sleep and ride with Camels baby? Yeah, walka mile for me?

    Eh yeah, I like Spiderman, check this *whapang!*

    Oh mann this shirt iches baby, I need to get it off.... oooh yeah

    Oh and my funeral shirt fits now too.

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