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    With the events that are unfolding on our border down south I felt compelled to share my feelings :wink1: . I don't feel There's nothing wrong with the land of Mexico. They are swimming in oil, have fertile soil to grow all crops, plenty of ocean for commercial fishing, and all other resourses you can think of to make for the most prosperous nation on earth. So why is it they send their poor over here when it's not even necessary that any should be poor. Is it because their government is corrupt, I think so :mad:
    All of you illegals here are the victim of the corruption in Mexico. So why are you showing such Mexican pride over here in the USA when your own government threw you away like garbage? And if you hate us SO bad wtf are you even here ? And another thing , You can forget about your plan to take over the whole SW part of the USA :rolleyes: . We American's have way to many guns and ammo is cheap . You really don't want to be going up against our Armed forces and our Veterans . They have had alot of training in desert warfare AND you will lose , Badly . If you want a battle you picked the wrong country to mess with . To those that have came to this country and made a better life for yourself and your family and became a positive meber of society , I thank you . Those of you that are the PROBLEM your day is coming :mad: .

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