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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by supersize75k5, Aug 9, 2004.

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    Just to clarify and not rub you raw,

    I have no intention of trying to get around the existing laws, read the title of the post. I want it to be legal and safe. The 75 was pushing this and I gave in, other than lacking a horn, a cracked windshield and a reverse light other than that, it was legal in every sort when I retired the 75, it was safe and reliable as well. I don’t try to piss of the police or high way patrol. I had a bad encounter with one, he new squat about the laws, or if and what laws my truck was violating. To exemplify he tried writing me a ticket for no exhaust, when I nicely pointed it out he got pissed off, then out came the measuring tapes, he started reading his book and looking for ways to write me a ticket. I don’t care who I am, what I drive, or who he works for…I was nice and driving is a nice manor, he was being a jerk and trying to make a point. An hour later, I was free to go and with no ticket in my hand, his boss did get a letter later on, and I got an apology and a survey and other questions about the incident. Point is I have to deal with them to, if I want to be a able to be on the road and not get hassled, I have learned to make my truck legal to every degree so it does not pose a problem for me, or the wheeling community problems, now or in the future.

    I have no need to manipulate the existing laws or be part of causing a need for them to be changed. If that happened, it affects me as well as others. I do feel though that I can make a registered, licensed and insured buggy and not cause issues by driving it on a occasional basis. Shannon, randy, as well as a friend of Damens all do this with no problems, not to mention numerous others and shops around the state. It is not going to be a daily driver by any means, that is what my 86 Blazer in stock trim is for, with its little 305, non tire roasting motor.

    You have the “impression” based on info and my post on ck5 and how you interpret that info. I don’t sit here and do donuts in intersection, I am not pounding my blazer on local trials and splashing fluid every where. The one time I have been out with some of you on a trail, I had zero experience, allot of excitement, no common sense and to make it worse, no low range.

    I have since learned if I want to go fast or play hard I go to the wash or the sand, where it is open recreation area, such as sycamore creek, or enter in sanctioned events where it is allowed. Not on land or trails where BLM or other activists that want to see the trail closed. I want to wheel just like you guys, and just like others I have to, and need to learn, step aside and exactly as a few have said, listen, watch and keep a my ego in check and my foot out of my mouth.

    I used to do a lot of peel outs at intersection when only a couple of cars were around or other stupid stunts, after “growing up” and realizing I make my own bed with local Police departments, as well as my insurance rates and my wallet, I have grown up. I also have grown out of unnecessary motor swaps or the need to replace expensive parts based on stupidity. It just is not called for; however I don’t feel that chirping the tires sometimes is a crime. I do though feel that massive burn out in busy intersections are reckless, after seeing a lowered truck get sideways in front of my it opened my eyes.

    So if you didn’t see where I was coming from, maybe you will now, please ask where I stand on things, rather then just assume,

    I am young, but I am also willing to learn and rebuild or mend bridges, don’t cast me aside or throw stones just yet.

    Thanks for reading
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    Shawn , you have time on your side . Just work on doing whats right , slow down a bit , enjoy life . Things will change if YOU WANT them to . I would go about my business , and just try to do whats right . All the rest will fall into place . /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif

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