Need a good body/frame shop for my Camaro

Discussion in 'Other Rides' started by Stoopalini, Apr 19, 2002.

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    A couple of days ago, I was driving home and a lady in a 98-00 mustang T-boned me! The circumstances are such that they don't know who to blame for the accident, so I'm still waiting for that. I believe it was her fault, and just happened to have my digital camera with me at the time, so the pictures should show that it was in fact the other driver's fault.

    The book value on my Camaro is around $3200, but anyone who is into Camaros would know that you really can't pick up a '92 in perfect condition for that price. My Camaro's body/paint was perfect, 305 engine runs very strong (14 in 1/4), no leaks, no problems, all options, etc, etc, etc...

    If they find her at fault, I'm pretty sure the insurance company will want to total the car out, and I will have to buy it back.
    If they find me at fault, then I will be on my own to get it repaired.

    So, regardless of who they find at fault, I'm going to need a good and reasonable body/frame shop in the Austin, TX area. I was hit on the driver's side, right where the door meets the rear quarter panel. Basically, right where the sub frames connect to each other.

    Does anyone here work at a frame/body shop, or know someone who does? I would greatly appreciate any leads in this.



    BTW: I have plenty of pictures, and if someone has storage space on the net, I would like to put them up.

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