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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by californiak5, Jan 17, 2001.

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    I just got done putting in my 4" TC EZ Ride front springs this last weekend and my 4" shackle flip in the rear. I was wondering what you would sugest the torqe (Sp?) to be on the front and rear shackle bolts as well as the front spring eye bolts on both front and rear springs. I have all of your greasable bushings as well as the HD front shackles in. I put plenty of grease in and on all of the bushings but the ride is pretty rough. The manual said to torqe the front eye of the front spring to 90lbs and the shackle bolts to 50lbs each. It said to torqe all of the rear bolts including the shackle bolts to 90lbs. That all seams a little to tight to me for the movement you want out of them. I just wanted to know what you torqe yours to. Thanks in advance.

    P.S. A plasma cutter is the way to go on those rivits. It makes short work of them.[​IMG]

    Oh yea, one more thing. The front springs gave me about 5.5" of lift. will that settle out or should I consider the add a leaf for the rear to get me about even?

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    Ok, first thing to do is make sure you have the EZrides. They should have 3 leaves in the front, HD's typically have 4.
    next, your torque specs are right on, the bolts tighten down against the sleeves and that's what keeps the holes from being wallowed out. The urethane moves around the sleeves.
    Do you have the disconnects for the swaybar? Right length shocks? Anything else that could be bottoming out or topping out to keep the suspension from moving properly? What do you have on for tires? Air pressure?
    As for ride height, how did you measure the 5.5"? There's a back post on this board on how to measure the ride height, so you might check that out. I always measure from the top of the axle tube to the bumpstop mount plate. That way you can compare about any suspension setup easily. You should end up about 13" if I remember correctly with the 4" ez rides. The rear ride height will have a big effect on this, so you should probably jack the rear end up with a jack under the pumpkin till it's level or looks level, then measure it. i suspect what you'll find is that you need about 1" more height in the rear and it'll really drop the front down.
    How's your load situation? if the rear is loaded huge, it'll sit low for sure.

    Check this stuff out and see if there's anything hurting your ride. With the EZ rides, we generally see good ride quality and pretty decent ride height front to rear, so i suspect something else is going on.


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