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Discussion in 'Midwest Region' started by kennyw, Aug 19, 2004.

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    Need someone with some basic mechanical skills to install a 4 spd transmission and thermostat into a 1970 Dodge 3/4 ton 2wd. Also need some rear disc brakes replaced on a '91 Chevy Lumina car. All fairly simple stuff for anyone with a good set of hand tools. Vehicles are located about an hour north of Minneapolis on HWY 169 and all the parts are there already.

    Anyone that is interested in driving up to do the work in Zimmerman let me know, pays cash just need to figure out how much /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif I'd do it myself but a plane ticket back out there would cost more than what a shop quoted me and I'm looking to save a little bit of money to keep everything running until I can drive out there again around Thanksgiving.

    PM me or email me at the address in my profile.

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