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    Ok I am trying everything I can now I just took the carb off of my truck and removed the top plate so I can adjust the float. I have been having the problem of the truck stalling and bogging down on me I recently rebuilt it but I havent driven it but 30 miles. So heres the question. I have the top piece off now so I can adjust the float level but I am not sure on how to do this. Can I just use needle nose pliers and adjust it without aking the float all apart? and how much should I adjust it If I remember right the guy that was helping me rebuild it screwed itas far as it would go.

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    You really need the paper work that came with the rebuild kit. Depending on the model number of the carb it will have the specs that the float need to be adjusted to. What you have to adjust if the arms on the float. Needle nose will work fine . If you look at the arms there is a pie shaped cut in the arm. That's the point that you need to bend it at.
    Give us some more detailed information of when it's stalling. This may not be a float probalem at all. It could be mis adjusted choke (poor idle, running rich hard to start), mis adjusted secondary flaps (will idle fine but when you get on it it will run fine for a short burst then start bogging), missing check ball in accelerator pump (try to die when you floor it then pick back up). diaphram has come off the pump (bogg when floored then pick back up). pump not in proper hole. Not knowing when it bogs makes a difference on what to look at first. How it acts when you floor it and when you ease into it also will help.
    Float probles are usualy one of 2 things, A it either starts dying (mostly when nose up) because the float bowl runs dry and the mains suck air. B over flows the float bowl because the float hits tob before it kills fuel flow.
    Low fuel pressure from a bad fuel pump can also cause problems that act like carb problems.

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